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SurveyGizmo has done an excellent job balancing the ability to do complex tasks with a feature-rich interface design that doesn't get in the way or require long hours of training to use effectively.

- PC Magazine | 2018 Editor’s Choice Award


  • Up to 3 Active Surveys at a Time
  • Standard Summary Reporting
  • 8 Most Commonly Used Question Types
  • 100 Responses Per Survey
  • Up to 25 Questions Per Page
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Professional and Accessible Surveys
  • Social Media Sharing


  • Unlimited Questions, Surveys, Responses and Pages
  • Basic Project Types: Surveys, Polls and Forms
  • Email Campaigns: Send Email Invitations
  • Basic Logic: Standard Skip-Logic
  • Basic Theming: Color, Font and Theme Customization
  • Import Surveys and Data from Word
  • 25+ Question Types
  • Standard Reports, Data Filters, Exports and Record Browsing
  • Basic Publishing: Social Media, Link and Email
  • Add additional users to your account
  • File Upload (3mb limit)
  • Question Logic (also, multiple conditions)
  • Test Data Generator
  • Embed Survey
  • Download Survey
  • Download Reports
  • Edit question labels (on build)
  • QR Code Sharing
  • Slack


Everything in Explorer, Plus:

  • Standard Summary Reports
  • Import Surveys and Data from Excel
  • Advanced Logic: Pages, Question and Option Compound Display Logic, Randomization, Dupe Protection
  • Advanced Survey Actions: Hidden Values, Response Reviews, A/B Tests, Time Tracking, Data Population and Lookup
  • Additional Question Types: Cascading Menus, Custom Matrix, File Upload
  • Advanced Branding: Custom Domains (Add On), Remove "Powered By"
  • Business Integrations: Google Spreadsheets, API Control, Webhooks
  • Advanced Design: JavaScript Actions, CSS and HTML Advanced Access
  • Advanced Project Types: Quizzes and Assessments, Payment Forms
  • Advanced Publishing: Kiosk Mode, Offline App, HTML and JavaScript Embedding, Save and Continue
  • Advanced Reporting: Segmentation, Longitudinal, Scheduled Report Runs, Profile Reports, Excel and PDF Exports
  • Compliance: HIPAA Compliance (Requires BAA)
  • Piping
  • Overall Quotas
  • Disqualify Logic
  • Collaboration
  • Fall Off Reporting


Everything in Adventurer, Plus:

  • Data Cleaning
  • Advanced Quotas: Link, Survey, Question, Option and Complex Quotas
  • Research Logic: N of X Randomization, Custom Scripting, "Soft" Require, Disqualification
  • Advanced Structures: Survey, Question and Page Piping; Question and Page Looping; Conditional Options
  • Research Reporting: TURF, Data Cleaning, Conjoint Analysis, Cross Tab, R Script Extensions, Combined Data Source Reporting, Fall Off Reports
  • Research Methodology: Open Text Analysis and Coding
  • Advanced Research Methodology: Choice-Based Conjoint, Max-Diff, SPSS Analysis Export
  • Research Question Types: Highlighter, Semantic Differential, Heat Maps, Video/Audio Sentiment, Card Sorting
  • Researcher Customizations: Custom Question Developers Kit, R Script Library

Looking for SurveyGizmo Enterprise?

Best Value

Looking for SurveyGizmo Enterprise?